The locksmiths Canterbury loves are appalled by this scam

Locksmiths in Canterbury are disgusted by this cowboy locksmith’s scam

When you ask, "Where are the best locksmiths near me?" Our answer is Go Locksmith Canterbury.


When you ask yourself, “Are there any locksmiths near me that I can trust and rely on?”, we hope you immediately think of us, the only emergency locksmith Canterbury heartily recommends.

But when we read about horrible cases, like the one we’re sadly about to divulge to you, our lovely Canterbury customers, we’re not surprised new customers are wary of our stellar reputation, when there’s locksmiths like the one below:

All the locksmiths in Canterbury found it hard to believe this unfortunate story in Phoenix over the pond in the U S of A.

A woman found herself in quite the predicament and locked herself out of her home.

Obviously, she did what anybody else would do and Google locksmiths near me.

And most of the time, it comes up trumps (especially if you manage to stumble across Go Locksmith Canterbury – we hear they are the locksmiths Canterbury loves and adores).

But this time round, it did not.

In fact, it was the complete opposite of coming up trumps.

The poor woman in question had called the only locksmith in the world who seems to have no morals nor conscience whatsoever.

Once, the woman realised she was locked out, she rather sensibly went to the nearest hardware store and bought a new set of locks. So all the locksmith would have to do is fit the locks and the woman would save herself some money to boot.



The poor woman had been told it would cost $35 to fit the new locks. Not bad a price, right? Well, somehow the locksmith, after fitting the locks, charged her $370.52.

You read that right.

The woman was literally locked out of her house and she had to cough up the cash to get back into her home with the locks that she had gone to pains to purchase. Talk about adding insult to injury.

This is an important lesson for all of our lovely, loyal Canterbury customers.

We would never, ever treat you like that.

We pride ourselves on our customer loyalty and we make our customers our number one priority.

This is how we’ve established ourselves as the best locksmiths in Canterbury. We are renowned as the locksmiths Canterbury comes to first in an emergency.

Why are we renowned throughout Canterbury as the only locksmiths Canterbury can rely on?

Because our locksmiths in Canterbury are on call, 24/7, 365 days a year for a start.

Then as the emergency locksmith Canterbury loves and cherishes, all of our splendid team are highly trained and have the know-how and expertise to deal with any locksmith problem or issue.

They wouldn’t make the cut at Go Locksmith Canterbury otherwise.

And finally, all of our locksmiths in Canterbury are locally based, born-and-bred local lads and lasses. And this, we feel is the key (geddit) to our success. Because we are based locally, we are on first name terms with a lot of our lovely customers and that makes us make the extra mile to ensure you are left over the moon with our work.

We care about you Canterbury, and we never want to let you down.


PHOENIX — When you’re locked out of your car or your home, many people tend to panic and call the first number they find on their search engine. That’s what a Phoenix woman did, and she says it was a mistake. “They took a drill and they drilled this […]

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