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“I could of cried with worry when I got locked out as soon as I called Martin at GoLocksmith I felt safe and secure again.” @vixcliff

“I could of cried with worry when I got locked out as soon as I called Martin at GoLocksmith I View Full →

"First Class Service"

“I was worried and stressed when we got burgled. Golocksmith made me feel safe, reassured and calm again. Much more than just a locksmith!” @garethedwards74

“I was worried and stressed when we got burgled. Golocksmith made me feel safe, reassured and calm again. Much more View Full →

"First Class Service"

“I made the mistake of trying to save a few quid by going with a less qualified Locksmith. It didn’t work out. I’ll only call these guys in future” @jratcliff01

“I made the mistake of trying to save a few quid by going with a less qualified Locksmith. It didn’t View Full →

When changing your lock your lock, you have two choices;
a) budget range,
b) insurance approved high security locks.

In some cases, when you just need a lock that work and aren’t worried about it being a high security lock, our budget range is ideal.

For customers looking to replace their lock for a higher security lock that meets their insurance policy requirements or to provide extra security to a vulnerable property, GoLocksmith.co.uk will be able to provide you with the advice and support to make sure you have the right lock fitted.

Insurance Approved Locks

Most insurance policy’s will give you a discount for having BS 3621 standard locks fitted to external doors and patio doors. By having a higher degree of security for your property, they may lower your insurance costs and in some cases, it will pay for itself as you’ll get a discount off the normal premium. However, in some areas, if you don’t have the right locks, you might even struggle to get cover at a reasonable price.

BS 3621 is the most common standard known to most for locks on doors and the British Standard you’ll find stated in most insurance policy’s. Any lock conforming to this standard has to have the ability of being dead locked and the key taken away from both sides so no one can gain entry or exit from the door without the key.

The standard also dictates:

    • The locking bolt must withstand at least a sideways force of 10Kn before the lock fails
    • The lock casing should resist attack from drilling for at least 5 minutes using standard tools
    • The bolt itself must also resist attack for 5 minutes by cutting or drilling
    • The lock must have a mechanism in place that can’t be picked
    • The bolt must project at least 20mm into a full bodied steel keep when locked.
    • There must be at least 1000 different key shapes to the range of locks

There are two other standards for locks, BS 8621 and BS10621, but these are more for commercial doors and locks, particularly where fire doors are being used.

Type of Lock

For residential properties, there are four types of lock that are fitted to houses, all available in budget and BS 3621 insurance/high security standard:

      1. Euro Cylinder Lock: A simple and in-expensive lock, these are mainly fitted to uPVC, Composite or aluminium door. We always recommend our customers upgrade to a anti-snap lock, as lock snapping is becoming an ever popular way for burglars to gain entry to property.
      2. Night Latch: Fitted to wooden doors, the lock has a snib on the internal side of the door to open and lock without the use of a key. Rim latch locks can provide additional security, and we always advise our customer to fit one for higher security.
      3. Mortice Leaver Dead-Lock: Usually fitted to a wooden door, these locks require a handle and a key to lock and unlock the door. The locks are available in either 3 or 5 lever, with the 5 lever versions offering higher security.
      4. Mortise Dead-Lock: Usually fitted to a wooden door, they are key operated only, unlike the above mortice leaver dead-locks. We always recommend a 5 lever version, for added security.

Brand of lock

As a leading lock change locksmith we can supply, fit and recommend the following brands:

      • Avocet: owners of the ABS lock brand, one of the best anti-snap locks on the market
      • Banham: Popular in London, Banham locks come with their own registered key so only the owner can get a replacement.
      • ERA: They’ve recently introduced a range of locks with a higher technical specification than Yale.
      • Ingersoll: A high quality brand of expensive, but highly secure, locks
      • Union: Not as expensive as Yale, but many of their locks are made in the same factory
      • Yale: The worlds best known lock brand

Key Alike

You may choose to have your locks keyed alike, meaning they open with only one key. If you’ve got multiple lock in one property, having the hassle of lugging around multiple keys can be a real pain. Made to order, keyed alike locks can can make things easier with just one lock.

Master Key

If you have multiple lock in one property, you might like to have a master key that opens all the locks. This is particularly useful if there are multiple locks and multiple people with locks for the same property. Made to order, a master key system can make management of keys simple.

Multipoint Locking Mechanisms

A multi-point locking mechanism, or multipoint locking system as some call it, has a minimum of three locking bolts that all lock simultaneously by the turn of a handle or key. You’ll spot one by either looking at the edge of the door where the main lock shoots and see additional locking bolts or you have to lift the handle to be able to lock the door.

Multi-point locks are most common on uPVC, composite or modern aluminium doors. A multipoint locking mechanism usually has a euro cylinder lock fitted as the locking mechanism to lock and unlock the door. The locking bolts of a multipoint locking mechanism usually feature roller, mushroom, deadbolt, small hook or hook locking points.

Multipoint locks are quite specialist and have usually been manufactured as part of the door. Therefore, if your door is over 10 years old, its likely its no longer manufactured as there have been huge advances in multipoint lock technology. However, there are a number of universal locking mechanisms that will fit perfectly.

Multipoint Lock Brands we supply, fit and recommend are:

  • Avocet
  • Coldseal
  • Era
  • Ferco

  • Fuhr
  • Fullex
  • G-U
  • Lockmaster

  • Maco
  • Mila
  • Mila Master
  • Mila Evolution

  • Millenco
  • Saracen
  • Winkhaus
  • Yale

Landlord/Property Management Service

If you are a landlord or manage several domestic properties, GoLocksmiths.co.uk can help, with one easy point of contact. From tenants being locked out, new locks being fitted for insurance purposes, to lock replacements between tenants, simply call us for a quote. We’ll take the hassle out of managing your locksmith needs for your properties.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How do I know if my lock is a BS 3621 standard lock?

A) The lock will either have a British Kite Mark on the edge of the lock where the bolt come out into the door frame, or where the key goes into the lock. If you can’t see a British Kite Mark without having to take the lock out the door, it probably doesn’t have one. If in doubt, you can always phone us and we should be able to help you identify if it’s a B£ 3621 standard lock.

Q) I’m thinking of adding more security to my door. How many locks should I have fitted?

A) As long as you have a good quality lock, and the door has two to three other points where a lock or shoot bolt is positioned top and bottom, you should be OK. Some customers have up to 5 different locks installed on their door. We don’t recommend this as that amount of locks with weaken both the door and the frame as more of the door and frame has to be chopped out to install the locks properly.

Q) I’ve seen a euro-lock on the internet for £5, why do you charge more?

A) We only fit what we have fitted to our own properties. Yes, there are some cheaper locks on the market and modern materials and machining processes make for a quick manufacture, which does drive the cost down. But such locks may not have the build quality, finish or tolerance of more expensive locks. And after all, a lock has a major impact on the security of your home and compliance to your house insurance – why take a risk for the sake of £20?

Q) I have a lock that shoots out multiple bolts along the edge of the door, what type of lock is it?

A) What you have is a Multipoint Lock Mechanism. They usually have one central lock with the door handle having to be lifted to engage to multiple locking bolts that shoot out from the edge of the door into the frame when engaged.

Q) My door is over ten years old and the multi-point locking mechanism is no longer working. Can you replace it?

A) If you door is over 10 years old, its highly likely that the locking mechanism is no longer manufactured as there’s been huge advancements in multipoint locking mechanisms over the years. However, there are a number of universal locking mechanisms that a trained locksmith will be able to fit. If you door is under 10 years old, we should have no problem getting a replacement for it.

Q) I have a Chubb lock but can’t seem to find a replacement, can you help?

A) Assoy Abloy, the makers of Yale, Chubb and Union locks, removed the Chubb brand from the UK market sometime ago. However, most Chubb locks are now sold under the Union brand, so we should be able to supply a replacement lock, just with the Union name on it rather than Chubb.

Q) I opened the door from the outside, when there was a key in the inside – do I need to replace the lock?

A) When this happens, sometimes all you need is the replace the gearbox (a part of the locking mechanism) of the locks. We’d rather repair a lock than just throw something away that could be repaired.

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