"First Class Service"

“I could of cried with worry when I got locked out as soon as I called Martin at GoLocksmith I felt safe and secure again.” @vixcliff

“I could of cried with worry when I got locked out as soon as I called Martin at GoLocksmith I View Full →

"First Class Service"

“I was worried and stressed when we got burgled. Golocksmith made me feel safe, reassured and calm again. Much more than just a locksmith!” @garethedwards74

“I was worried and stressed when we got burgled. Golocksmith made me feel safe, reassured and calm again. Much more View Full →

"First Class Service"

“I made the mistake of trying to save a few quid by going with a less qualified Locksmith. It didn’t work out. I’ll only call these guys in future” @jratcliff01

“I made the mistake of trying to save a few quid by going with a less qualified Locksmith. It didn’t View Full →

It happens more regularly than you think, so you are not alone. Being locked out can be the most infuriating experience.

You’ll be kicking yourself you’ve done it, and then there’s the hassle and expense of calling out a locksmith, plus the damage he/she might cause getting you in. That brick sure does look attractive…

Our emergency locksmith service for those locked out will get you in your property quickly no matter what time of day, safely and without causing damage where possible.

Our locksmiths are Master Locksmith trained, unlike others. This means they are trained to pick and slip locks to get you in your property without causing damage where possible.

To use our locksmiths service, simply call the number above. All our staff, including those that work answering your initial call, are locksmith trained, and will be able to answer your questions or offer advice where required.

10 Reasons to use GoLocksmith.co.uk when you are locked out

  1. Master Locksmiths: The last thing you want is a man-in-a-van turning up with a brick to get you in your property. Our highly trained locksmiths are vetted and inspected ensuring you get a highly trained and qualified locksmith with Go Locksmith. They take pride in their work, have years of experience and want you to be happy with the standard of workmanship they have provided.
  2. We’ll get to you in 30 minutes, unlike others: Whilst we have over 100 approved locksmiths, we only offer our service in areas of the UK where we can get to within 30 minutes. That’s why you won’t find us claiming that we can get to you if you live in Penzance – not that we have anything against Cornwall, but we simply don’t have a locksmith there.
  3. Free Call Out Charge: Paying a call out charge just for someone to look at the problem without fixing it really got to us. That’s why our call out charge is free – if we don’t do any work, you won’t get a call out charge.
  4. Fixed price: We don’t take advantage of our customers with woolly pricing. We don’t quote a cheap price by the hour to get the job and then charge for 2 hours work when the job could be completed within 20 minutes. Likewise, if it’s a tricky lock, we’ll be there until the work is finished and your satisfied with our job, all within one price. We’ll quote you upfront and give you the options before our locksmith starts work. That way, not matter how long it takes or what needs to be replaced, you’ll know upfront what it will cost.
  5. FREE Quotes and advice: We don’t charge for a survey, as some specialist locks we’ll need to see beforehand. We’ll quote you for free and we’ll offer advice as and when its appropriate. We see over 100,000 properties a year, so we see all sorts of break-in techniques and security risks – simple ask while we are at your property and we’ll gladly help.
  6. Never knowingly sell you something you don’t need: Sometimes when you unlock a door from the outside when there’s a key in the side, the alignment of the lock will be stretched, making the lock inoperable. You don’t always need a new lock for this as we can replace the lock gearbox in some cases. That’s why we’ll give you the options to replace or repair a lock, so you can make the choice, rather than ripping you off.
  7. Work Guaranteed: All our workmanship is guaranteed for 12 months, ensuring you have peace of mind should anything need adjusting in the future.
  8. If you find a cheaper price, we’ll pay you: Our price guarantee ensures you won’t get ripped off. If you find a cheaper price for the same service within 48hrs of us completing the job, we’ll match the price and pay you an extra 5%.
  9. We’re open 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day: Loosing your keys or being locked out doesn’t always happen between 9am-5pm and only on week days. That’s why we work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We don’t even switch off for Christmas Day and New Years day like other locksmiths.
  10. 100,000 Happy Customers: We attend over 100,000 properties a year that require locksmith services. We ask each customer for their opinion and use TrustPilot, an independent customer review company, to publish the results, good or bad.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) I’m locked out my house, will you need to drill and replace the lock and incur more expense?

A) It very much depends on the type of lock that you have fitted to your door. Some locks we can slip and some we pick so you won’t need to go the expense of having a replacement lock. However, high security locks guard against this and we may have to replace the lock to get you into your property. We’ll always give you the options when we are at your property, we’ll work out the cheapest way to get you in.

Q) I’m not sure what type of lock I have, can you help?

A) There are four common lock types that are fitted to most houses in the UK:

  1. Euro Cylinder Lock: You’ll find these locks fitted to uPVC (plastic), Composite or aluminium doors. They usually form the lock of a multi-point locking mechanism, particularly if you have to lift the handle up to lock the door.
  2. Night Latch: Generally fitted to wooden doors, the lock itself has a snib on the back to open and lock it from the inside.
  3. Mortice Leaver Dead-Lock: Usually fitted to a wooden door, these locks require a handle and a key to lock and unlock the door and are seen as more of a traditional lock.
  4. Mortise Dead-Lock: Usually fitted to a wooden door, there are secondary locks required by insurance companies to ensure compliance with policy’s.

For each type of lock there are upgrade options to provide for higher security if required. Simply ask you locksmith, and he’ll happily offer his advice on your best options.

Q) I work in a shop, what type of lock do we have?

A) Commercial locks, those fitted to shops, units and factories, are more robust and have a different technical specification than those used for domestic purposes. This is due to increased requirements from insurance companies.

There are four main category of commercial lock:

  1. Mortise Locks: Higher specification that standard domestic mortise lock, if you have a wooden external door, you’ll most likely have one of these fitted.
  2. Cylindrical Locks: Fitted to more modern glass, plactis and wooden doors, along with some internal wooden doors. They sometimes come with thumb turn locks on the inside for ease of use.
  3. Auxiliary Locks: These are normally secondary locks that add additional security to a door. They are usually a latch bolt or a dead bolt operated by a key or a thumb turn or both.
  4. Exit Devise/crash bar: You usually find these on fire exits, where you have to push a bar to exit the door.

Our locksmiths are trained and have stock on their vans to meet the requirements of our commercial customers.

Whatever your story is…

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  • I’m a Landlord and use locksmiths regularly. Until I found these guys it was always a nightmare…GoLocksmiths are the most reliable company I’ve ever worked with.


  • I made the mistake of shopping around…what a waste of time, I should have just called these guys first. Cheap, great service and really fast response.

  • Got to me in 20mins. Got me in my house in less than 5mins…I didn’t expect that

  • The service I received was like nothing I’ve ever encountered before…BRILLIANT!

  • I saved a fortune by choosing Go Locksmith.